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An International Workshop on Ash-Related Issues in Gas Turbines

03.07.2017 – 05.07.2017

Organiser: Dr. Wenjia Song (LMU)
Co-Organiser: Prof. Donald B. Dingwell (LMU), Prof. Uwe Schulz (DLR)
3 to 5 July 2017


The Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München announces the 1st workshop on Ash-Related Issues in Gas Turbines.
It will take place from 3 through 5 July 2017 at the CAS Young Center of LMU München.
This workshop intends to break the boundaries of different fields, with the aid of concepts from chemical engineering, the established knowledge of the geoscience community as well as inspiration from biometric studies, and will apply state-of-the-art technologies from coal combustion, high temperature surface material and optical physics fields, to provide a macro- and microscale view, under both static and dynamic conditions, to explore the influence of different types of ash wetting on various gas turbines, and will seek to determine new and improved mitigation methods.
We have invited 21 excellent scientists and engineers from all over the world and four different topical fields involving gas turbine industry, material science and protective coatings, geology and quantum optic to discuss and solve the following aspects and problems: (a) The review of ash issues in gas turbines, (b) The ash melting process in gas turbines, (c) The ash impaction process in gas turbines and (d) The development of ash-resisting coatings of gas turbines. Furthermore, the exchange between the science and engineering as well as other disciplines is expected to allow for identifying potential future links for joint research besides an overview of present research gaps in the different fields
The workshop is supported by Volkswagen Foundation and CAS in LMU and organised by Dr. Wenjia Song, one of the renowned "Freigeist" Fellows of the Volkswagen Foundation and a member of the Young Center at the Center for Advanced Studies.
There will be four topical sessions:

  • Ash-related Issues in Gas Turbines
  • The Melting Behaviour of Ash
  • The Impact of Ash Droplets
  • Resistance of the Ash Deposition