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Stromboli Juli 2019

Stromboli, Italy, 3 July 2019, Video by Axel Ludewig.


Impressive footage of lapilli falling on reed covered terrace in the village of Ginostra following the paroxysmal eruption of Stromboli volcano at approx. 2.46 pm local time. Eventually, Ginostra was covered by several centimetres of tephra. Some clasts were hot enough to set the vegetation on fire.
This eruptive event severely damaged the network of monitoring instruments run by INGV and University of Florence. Thanks to several colleagues, many destroyed devices have already been repaired/replaced although the volcano remains highly active. Tourist climbs remain forbidden as of today.
Sadly, this eruption caused one fatality. The hiker was on the lower slopes of the Ginostra side. As far as we can tell, no monitoring signal had been recorded that would have caused an alert in case an automatic alert system had been emplaced. Luckily, the planned tourist groups had not yet started to climb.


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